KOYORAD® Aluminum Racing Radiator 48mm (KH020442)

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KOYORAD Aluminum racing radiators are one of the best performance radiator on the market. The highlighted features are as followed:

Precise Tube and Fin Alignment:
Construction under strict quality control and solid boxing result in tubes with optimal coolant flow and fins with highly efficient heat transfer.

Nocolok Brazing:
Tubes, Fins, Headers and Brackets are brazed in a state-of-the-art Nocolok furnace, bonding all components to resist damage from vibration, road debris, and the elements.

Billet Filler Neck:
Precision machined billet filler necks are incorporated on each Koyo radiator for strength, durability and better sealing.

OE Specific Mounting and Hand Crafted Heliarc Welds:
Koyo incorporates application specific mounting locations for all fan shrouds, inlet/outlet hoses and top/bottom mounting pins, ensuring quick and pain-free installs. Each Koyo All Aluminum Race Radiator is Heliarc welded individually by hand. This creates the strongest aluminum to aluminum bond, to mate all components.

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 79 × 18 × 67 cm
Part Type



Number of Layers: 2
Radiator Material: Aluminum
Core Width: 671(643)mm
Core Height: 360mm
Core Thickness: 48mm
Radiator Cap Included: No
Transmission Cooler: No
Inlet Size: 35mm
Outlet Size: 35mm
Radiator Cap: OE cap compatible, recommend replacing OE cap with KOYORAD cap #SK-C13



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