CUSCO® Transmission Oil – 75W85 (010 002 M01)

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CUSCO® Transmission Oil – 75W85 designed for transmission gear box applications where synchronizers are especially delicate with certain viscosity properties, we’ve blended our Transmission Oil to excel in the protection and operation for these types of gearboxes. Using our own blends of Friction Modifiers and superb base oils, we’ve created a blend that not only enhances shift-feel, and gear protection at wider range of temperatures, but also allow compatibility with our Limited Slip Differentials when it is shared as lubrication in the transmission case. Available in 75W-80 viscosity rating.

– Suited for gearboxes with delicate synchronizers that still share case fluid with LSD’s
– Lighter viscosity without sacrifice to high protection and stability.

Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 32 × 26 × 8 cm
Part Type



SAE 75W-85
1 Liter


CUSCO® products are developed and tested on JDM specification vehicles. For other markets’ fitment verification, please contact our sales team.


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